Naam: Jason
Leeftijd: 35 jaar.
Geslacht: Man
Talen: Engels
Gaven: Relatie coach, Paragnost
Met welke vragen kan je bij mij terecht? You can contact me for any love questions. If you think you are ready for the truth and only the truth contact me or maybe I will contact you even.

Over mij:
My name is Jason, I worked in Londen for a while as a love coach for several clients. Since I booked amazing results in the past years I wanted to help more people with my gift. I can help you with any problems you might have regarding love and relationships. I can use my guides and spirits to feel what you and your beloved one are feeling, to give you an honest answer. It is hard to accept the truth, but it is very good and helpful when you finally know the truth about something you have been doubting over for months, or years even. I am here to help you with that, I know exactly how you feel and I use that to help you.

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Willekeurige consulenten

hans Naam: Hans
Leeftijd: 31 jaar. Man
Gaven: Astroloog, Genezer/Healer, Helderziend, Lichtgidsen, Medium, Pendelen
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Marieke Naam: Marieke
Leeftijd: 33 jaar. Vrouw
Gaven: Foto reading, Tarot, Medium, Zesde zintuig, Paragnost
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Tjandra Naam: Tjandra
Leeftijd: 32 jaar. Man
Gaven: Foto reading, Helderhorend, Heldervoelend, Medium, Relatie coach, Tarot, Ze.....
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Bart Naam: Bart
Leeftijd: 42 jaar. Man
Gaven: Helderhorend, Heldervoelend, Helderwetend, Relatie coach
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Mathilda Naam: Mathilda
Leeftijd: 42 jaar. Vrouw
Gaven: Genezer/Healer, Heldervoelend, Helderwetend, Helderziend, Lichtgidsen, Medi.....
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Jean paul Naam: Jean paul
Leeftijd: 55 jaar. Man
Gaven: Foto reading, Helderwetend, Specialist in droomverklaringen
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Peggy Naam: Peggy
Leeftijd: 39 jaar. Vrouw
Gaven: Genezer/Healer, Lichtgidsen, Paragnost, Pendelen, Tarot, Zesde zintuig
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Marloes Naam: Marloes
Leeftijd: 34 jaar. Vrouw
Gaven: Foto reading, Heldervoelend, Medium, Relatie coach, Tarot
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